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Time Zones of the World

Illustrations for B.C.E, an exhibition exploring the theme of time, at Itay Noy's Watchmaking Studio.

Tel Aviv Illustration Week, 2018

Time Zones of the World, Eden Spivak

Time Zones of the World

The longitudinal lines that partition our planet into time zones skew and stretch in accordance with the political map, resulting in subjective, almost arbitrary divides.

The Poles: Arctic & Antarctic, Eden Spivak

The Poles: Arctic and Antarctic Regions

There are no set time zones in the North and South Poles. Those living or visiting there are free to choose the regional time they wish to follow, on none at all.

Diomede Islands, Eden Spivk

Yesterday and Tomorrow Islands

The Diomede Islands, one American and the other Russian, are less than 4km apart, yet they are separated by the International Date Line. Therefore, the time difference between the two is almost a full calendar day.

B.C.E. illustration exhibition
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