Content Writing

I write about design topics for the Wix blogs.

Here are a few texts I've written:


Illustration by Amber Vittoria

Illustrator Amber Vittoria Reclaims the Female Form

New York-based Amber Vittoria tells evocative stories of the women around her in vivid colors and loose shapes.

Illustration by Noa Snir

Graphic Design Meets Science: Making the Abstract Tangible

Scientific knowledge, while fascinating, isn't always easy to understand. Can graphic design and good visualization make science feel more accessible?


The Lumo Design Studio website

Designing for Ethical Small Businesses: An Interview with Lumo Design Studio

An interview with Lucy and Imogen Borrill, co-founders of the Australian Lumo Design Studio, for PRINT Magazine.


Image by Sagmeister & Walsh

Jessica Walsh Opens Up Unspoken Dialogues Through Design

Award-winning graphic designer and art director Jessica Walsh draws from her own life experiences in her work and large-scale social projects.


Design by Talya Grimberg

Embracing Diversity: The 7 Principles of Inclusive Design

Inclusive design is a way of optimizing products for the full range of human needs and abilities. These 7 main principles can help guide the way.

Illustration by Alma Naaman

Your Phone, Only Healthier: Designing for Digital Wellness

All the serenity of being present in the moment, without the pains of digital detox. The new health trend has to do with our screens, and design is taking lead.

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